bored with the self-promotion

So I’m back to the grind of the full-time job. And here’s the thing – while the whole freelancing, feeling like I’m an entrepreneur, not a slave to corporate America thing was fun, I’m over it. I’m sick of trying to get people to click on things. I’m sick of looking for clicks and counting the pennies I get for them. I’m sick of trying to decide whether I should be funny or introspective or self-promotional on Twitter. So I’m done with it all. I deleted my Twitter account. I’ve taken all the links to the articles I never update off this page. I even considered deleting my blog – but then where else would I get to explain in-depth why Jennifer Aniston ruined “Marley and Me” for me? (That one’s coming, one of these days.)

I had some fun, and I survived four months of unemployment pretty nicely. But now I’m kinda happy to go back to being someone’s corporate do-girl. After all, there are a bunch of people just waiting for me to do their jobs for them.


2 responses to “bored with the self-promotion

  1. You know, I totally get that. I’ve always said I’d be a great VP, not an awful President. I’m much better as a behind-the-scenes person, unless there are zoo animals involved. I’m reliable, and I follow direction really well. I’m a great person to count on to get things done. I just don’t want to be the end-all-be-all person responible for everything in the end. On the flip side, my first attempt at re-entering the work world seems to have bombed entirely. Maybe I should start the whole clicking thing???

  2. I meant to say “great VP, BUT an awful President”…

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