my dog ate my ottoman and I am a geek; or, an update of what’s been happening for the last three weeks

Right, so I’ve sadly neglected the blog again. And I don’t really have what you might call good reasons. But I have my reasons, and I say they’re good, so they’re going to have to do.

Well, first of all on May 8 we had possibly the most important event of the year: The premiere of Star Trek. Yes, I saw it on opening weekend. Twice. Once in IMAX, once not. Then we decided that was not nearly geeky enough, so we went and saw it in IMAX at Kennedy Space Center. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and it was totally bad-ass.

I loved the movie, by the way. I wasn’t sure I would. When I first heard they were recasting the crew I was like, blasphemy! And I wasn’t alone – I’m sure poor Gene Roddenberry’s grave was rattling with the outcry of the Trekkies. And then the re-imagining of the timeline? We were clutching our stuffed Tribbles and crying for mommy. But somehow, it worked. I don’t know if I’m completely sold that this whole parallel timeline exists, and that it wasn’t just a movie – but my mind is open. And I’ll totally buy the DVD. If my dog hasn’t eaten all my DVD remotes by the time it comes out of course.

Mollie’s appetite for all things inedible is the other major event of the month. All of a sudden the terrible twos hit and nothing was off limits. She started the path of destruction by eating our Ketubah – the ridiculously expensive piece of pretty paper we signed at our wedding, the one Barry swears says in Hebrew that I vow subservience to him throughout our marriage. Silly boy – he’s got his Hebrew pronouns switched around again, and is confused about who has vowed subservience to whom. Regardless, though, it is now a very pretty, expensive contract that is missing a corner. I’ve never seen Barry so pissed. Mollie then moved on to pencils, silk plants, hats, mirrors and Wii controlers. She even went in to get spayed this week and I thought that might settle her down a bit – but no. Last night she ate the ottoman, which was pretty much the last straw. We went garage sale-ing this morning, searching for a bigger kennel for her – and miraculously we found one. I’m always amazed when you find exactly what you’re looking for at these things – it’s the second time it’s happened. It’s like the Room of Requirement popping up for me (more geek talk). So for $25 we got a giant Mollie holder. I wonder how long it’ll take her to eat it.

And my final event of the month – oh wait, we celebrated our first anniversary this month too, I almost forgot. Yep – Barry has officially broken his record for longest marriage. Didn’t do a lot to celebrate, just went to the beach and then lunch at the hotel where we got married. Nice.

And then I went to Vegas – which means of course I had to go visit all my favorite foods. You’ll notice nothing about my diet in this entry. I’ll work on that next month.


One response to “my dog ate my ottoman and I am a geek; or, an update of what’s been happening for the last three weeks

  1. Parker ate a palm tree. And not a potted one, either. He ate an entire 4 foot tall palm tree that was planted in the back yard. And he did it in less than 5 minutes. One minute it was there, then it was gone…

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