In 2005 when I started this blog I was single and living in Las Vegas, and I blogged on MySpace — and both MySpace and I were cool. Today I’m married with two dogs and living in suburbia, Central Florida. As this blog has made the transition from MySpace to Blogger to WordPress, some posts have gotten lost — I’m not sure what happened, but some minor details like meeting my husband and getting engaged and moving cross country seem to be missing; however the details of every diet I’ve been on for the last four years is still there. You’re welcome.

I wrote a lot about dating and being single, dieting, and work. Then I got married and I was sadly limited to dieting and work, until I turned 40 and had a midlife crisis. I started writing about self-discovery and life paths and the human psyche, making the dieting and work posts look good. I apologize for that. Unless I get knocked up and become a mommyblogger, however, (the only good reason I can think of to reproduce), this blog will suck. Quite the conundrum.


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