everything’s harder when you have to bring the kids

I have now completed Week 3 of C25K. And I think I should get bonus points because I did day 3 with my dogs, which just makes everything more difficult.

I have a lot of guilt with the dogs right now because, as I mentioned earlier, I started this whole workout business by taking them for long walks every morning. Well, mainly Mollie, since Savannah is scared of cars noises people utility grates air everything, and also dealing with two dogs who will invariably have to poop as soon as they’re out of the house no matter how many minutes it’s been since the last one is a kind of pain in the rear. But the pathetic look she would give me when I left and came back finally got to me, so I dragged them both along, and eventually it got to the point that when they saw me putting on my workout clothes that they’d get all excited. But when it got to be 10,000 degrees out and I was doing this timed plan that didn’t account for poop breaks, I stopped taking them. This did not go over well. Mollie, in particular, would get alternately excited and then offended when she realized I had the nerve to put on my Mollie-walking clothes and then clearly disregard all that is decent and right by NOT BRINGING HER.

So since today was a Saturday and it was still early enough for the heat to not kill them instantly, Barry and I went together and we brought them. Which meant the C25K, which is normally a very structured program with the nice man telling me very calmly what to do, turned into this:

Man: Time for your brisk 5- minute warmup

Man: Keep your limbs loose and comfortable while you run for 90 seconds
Mollie: YES! Now we can catch the lizards FASTER FASTER … oooh, a tree I haven’t sniffed
Me: (tripping and putting my shoulder back in the socket) ouch

Man: Time for your longest run yet, 3 minutes, start!
Mollie: I have to pee

Man: Walk briskly for 3 minutes
Mollie: Dear God woman, SLOW DOWN! You just made me run for 3 minutes, isn’t it time go home now?

Man: Run for 3 minutes
Mollie: thehell? It’s a million degrees out and we have been running for six days. In the name of all that’s holy, slow down! I’M CALLING PETA!

Man: You did great, now just cool down for 5 minutes
Mollie: Thank God. Just walk slow. I’m exhaus …. LIZARD!! GO GO GO, IT’S GETTING AWAY, RUN WOMAN!!! RUN!

It took a lot out of both of us, but the results are worth it.


2 responses to “everything’s harder when you have to bring the kids

  1. I stopped exercising with the dog years ago. You could do what Bart does: go for your run, then come back and take the dogs for a walk. Everyone is happy.

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