the irony is that worrying about this gives me more gray hair …

In these ridiculous economic times when we’ve got a move coming up and owe on our taxes and I have like, three outstanding checks that may or may not arrive sometime before either the move or the taxes are due, do I shell out the money to get my roots touched up?

And let me specify, when I say “touched up” I mean “get an inch and a half of hair that is noticeably less red than the rest and heavily streaked with gray painted to match the rest so I don’t look like that girl with the bad roots.”

By the time the color and cut is done I will have shelled out a good $100. And that’s money that could be spent on the U-Haul, or Merry Maids, or taxes, or booze at Epcot on my birthday.

Does one go into one’s 38th birthday with gray roots? Sigh. I can never come to grips with it – is professional color an indulgence? Do other people struggle with this? (And before you say do it yourself, let me share with you the story of my horizontally striped hair that took two hours and closer to $200 to fix).

And should I be grateful this is my biggest dilemma?


One response to “the irony is that worrying about this gives me more gray hair …

  1. I read somewhere once that – even if you cut out everything else – NEVER let your hair go. It’s the 1st thing you see everyday. It can be the first thing everyone else sees (like potential employers?), especially if it looks bad. If you feel bad about yourself, it will effect every single corner of your life. Do the hair. No question. You can always drink cheaper wine…

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