working out is hard

So in my attempt to get the moon, stars and planets aligned so I would have the right karmic energy to actually touch my treadmill, I have rearranged every piece of furniture and electronics in the house at least three times.

OK, so my husband actually did the furniture rearranging. And bless his little heart for not killing me after the treadmill got moved from bedroom to living room to bedroom to living room to bedroom. Coz that thing ain’t light.

But anyway. See, the issue was this: The treadmill was originally in the bedroom, which was nice, because it wasn’t in the way but still there was plenty of room for it. But the TV in the bedroom doesn’t go very loud. It’s loud enough to hear while lying in bed and watching, but it’s not loud enough to hear over the treadmill. So I decided that I’d be more likely to do the treadmill if it was in the living room in front of the 42″ TV. And this worked for a while. But then we had company over the holidays so we wanted the treadmill out of the living room, so it sat gathering dust in the bedroom. Then the company was gone and the holidays were over and I wanted to work out again, so back in the living room it went. But motivation was lacking (although the dog used it a lot). And then my brother-in-law came to stay so we needed to move the third TV out of the spare room. So we put that in the bedroom. At the same time I decided to cancel TiVO, which was in the bedroom, since we never used it and I thought saving that $9.95 a month might help the budget a lot. But then I wasn’t comfortable on the treadmill so much with BIL here. But then I realized that the TV that is now in the bedroom IS loud enough to be heard over the treadmill and we could move the treadmill back in there. BUT I like to record shows so I have stuff to watch whilst treadmilling, and there was no DVR in the bedroom. So after the boys rearranged all the furniture and put the treadmill back in the bedroom, I needed to call Comcast and get a DVR for the bedroom. But sadly Comcast customer service gave me such a runaround that I ended up telling the chick to f&*$ off rather than getting a DVR for the bedroom. A week later I tried again. And while the guy I got the second time around was much more accomodating, it still turned out it’s going to cost me $60 up front plus $20 a month for an extra DVR box? Wait, why don’t I just re-activate my TiVO? TiVO happily re-activated my service and had no problem giving me back the $9.95/month price I’d had when I cancelled (side note: TiVO’s customer service is FABULOUS).

So two weeks, several furniture moves, one bad customer service experience, one good customer service experience, and lots of wires later, I was actually able to get on the ole treadmill.



3 responses to “working out is hard

  1. FYI…March 10 was a full moon

  2. Absolute antidote for the mid-day hunger cravings…

  3. That just made me tired. 🙂

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