what happens instead of getting stuff done

Today I had three goals: Find some files, create an ad and do some research on e-newsletters.

Simple, yes?

Let’s analyze where things go wrong.

I found the files I was looking for. I did that first thing this morning. Check.

Then while I’m looking for the files hubby informs me that bank account balance is a little low. This requires me to boot up the PC since that’s where Quicken is. As I’m doing this I think, I should really move the PC to the other monitor. So I switch some wires, then get back to the bank account balancing. Everything checks out and I remind hubby I have three freelance checks coming to me. Which reminds me to e-mail and check on some of those. So I go back and forth via e-mail before coming to the determination that two invoices have not been received. As I am digging for these things I decide I need to better organize the shortcuts on my desktop, which requires a trip to iconfactory.com for some nifty Star Trek icons, so I can better distinguish my aliases and such. So I organize my aliases, then go to delete the alias that contains the invoices. But OOPS somehow the original folder gets deleted. And it’s not in the trash. It’s gone. This leads to an Internet search to figure out why I can’t use Time Machine with my external hard drive and then exploring other backup options, including downloading both CarbonCopy and SuperDuper, neither of which works but I really don’t need a fully bootable image, just to back up files automatically, so I find Silverkeeper which might work but I still need a Mac drive, but wait! I have a whole other 120 GB hard drive sitting in a pretty much unused computer, I just have to partition the drive but I can’t partition the startup drive so I have to change the startup drive – but then Synergy doesn’t work on the new startup drive so I have to hunt down an extra keyboard and then partition the original drive and then resinstall OSX on the small part in the hopes that I can use the rest of the partition as backup …

It is now 3 p.m. I have achieved one out of three things I meant to today.


One response to “what happens instead of getting stuff done

  1. Bonus though: You can now write an eHow article about all of this! 🙂 lol

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