‘duh’ of the day

“New Weight Loss Study: Cutting Calories is Key.”

Seriously, this is a front-page news on Weight Watchers.com of all places. I mean, seriously?

I mean, admittedly I did break down into a combination panic attack/hysterical crying fit yesterday because the scale is MEAN! and BAD! but deep down I know that it has nothing to do with poor calibration or living with other people or not wanting to do the treadmill because there’s nothing good on TV. It’s because I eat too damn much. I eat more calories than my body burns. End of story.

I mean, you have to intake 3,500 more calories than you burn to gain a pound. So by my calculations, I have intaken (intook? taken in) 210,000 extraneous calories over the last 5 years to gain the 60 pounds I have gained. And honestly, that’s conservative because there have been losses in those years too. I mean, when you come down to it I’ve probably managed to gain a total of more like 100 pounds, with a net gain of 60. So that’s 350,000 extra calories.

That is really disgusting. And yet, not unaccountable. But it must stop. Now.


2 responses to “‘duh’ of the day

  1. Skully, I thought you’d been off the grid. The grid sucks. It consumes electricity. And it’s probably fattening.I bet I’m way over a million extraneous calories.But some of them were really delicious and worth it.

  2. Well, Skully does jack into the grid now and then. Sort of a nostalgia thing. Besides, how else can I find out what you’re up to.

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