silky smooth hair and irony

So I wrote this article for eHow called “How to Use a Chi Flat Iron.” I did not come up with this article title on my own; it was a title I chose to write about through that content site I write for. See, I try to choose titles I know at least something about. I usually do a lot of computer and electronic type stuff, but recently there was an explosion of articles about tanning beds and flat irons. And lemme tell you, if there’s something I know about, it’s how to cause damage to my bodily parts through the use of extreme heat. So wheee! I was all excited to have a change from computer stuff. Because there are only so many ways one can write about installing various types of memory in various types of computers.

Now, I have written almost 100 articles for these guys in the last month. I’ve never had a single rejection. And I have written on some subjects that were reallllllllly stretching it in terms of what I’ve got any business writing a “How-To” on – like how to use a computer program I haven’t touched since college. Those articles were just fine and they’re not something I do nearly EVERY FREAKING DAY. Not like, say, using a Chi flat iron. I am the poster child for the Chi. I could be the bad-haired “before” picture on every flat-iron’s box.

But I wasn’t product-specific enough, so the one article I wrote on the subject I am most familiar with was rejected. Talk about irony. It’s almost like getting rejected for writing “How to Be on Weight Watchers for 10 Straight Years and Still be Fat.”



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