my blog’s identity crisis

So after I lost my job and decided to try to make a career out of freelancing (mainly because “I’m a freelancer” sounds better than “I’m unemployed”) I figured I needed a professional website. I built a site with my portfolio on it, but apparently in this day and age a portfolio is not enough and you really need a blog (and Twitter and Facebook and a computer growing out of each ass cheek, but I digress).

So I have a blog, right? You’re reading it. But the thing is, do I want possible potential employers reading some of the shit I write about on here? The wine-drinking in the middle of the day and Fun With Xanax, and The Crazy is all in fun but not something I necessarily want a maybe-employer reading. So I figured I’d move some of it over to a new blog – some of the less-offensive pieces that I consider to be good, slice-of-life writing samples. But then … what?

To blog on the new site, I felt constrained. I felt like I was having to come up with “safe” topics rather than write what I’m thinking, which is what my blog is about. I’m not a topical blogger. I don’t have useful advice or helpful hints or humorous mommy-blogging stories about how to put duct tape on your baby’s diaper to keep the shit from seeping out (yes, they’re out there, I’ve read ’em.) I write about whatever random stream-of-consciousness crap is going through my head at the moment.

So the result of all of this has been that I was basically not blogging anywhere. I hadn’t blogged here because I feel obligated to blog on the new site but did’t have anything to say, so both sites suffered.

So screw it. I give up on the other blog for now. I would be doing myself an injustice if I did not keep writing here, giving the voices in my head an outlet. I have to keep writing here about how I’m scared of feathers and giant pieces of plastic floating out of the sky. Coz that shit makes all the rest of you feel normal.


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