seriously, karma?

So it’s my first real day of unemployment/freelancing/job seeking/whatever. My dog shit in the house. Twice.

Maybe she meant it as a motivational tool?

Or maybe she’s just a rotten, ungrateful animal.

Then I talked to the mortgage company. You know, to find out what the possibilities are of us still buying a house this year. Right. It would seem that freelancers are not high on the “people we love to approve for mortgages” list. Essentially, I can put all my effort into really making a go of my freelance career and I can have lots of personal satisfaction and happiness and perhaps a lot less stress – but I can’t have a mortgage before sometime in 2010. Optimistically.

This all led to me being in the parking lot somewhere between Best Buy (printer cartridges) and Target (razor) crying whilst driving. It prevented me from even managing to make it to Office Max (year-at-a-glance calendar to better keep track of whatfreakingdayitis, one of the pitfalls of this unemployment business).

When I finally got home, there was a voice mail from a number I didn’t recognize. Oooh, a job? No. M/I Insurance, wanting to know if I’ve secured insurance yet for the home I’m closing on this month.

Hi, karma? I’ve been nice, haven’t I? I donated to charities when I had a decent income. I love my dog, my husband and my parents. I let someone make a left-hand turn in front of me from the middle lane the other day. So can I have just a little of that goodwill payback? Please?

ETA: Blogger refuses to publish this post. I keep getting an error message. Does Blogger have stock in Karma? I have copied it all and will keep trying. I will not be stopped. So there.


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