I suppose I can look at it as an opportunity to bone up on my mad Super Mario skills …

Well, it’s official. I am a victim of the economy, one of the many who found themselves unemployed in 2008. And talk about squeaking in under the wire! I’ve never lost my job on the last day of the year before. Woo hoo!

Yeah, this sucks. I knew going in to this startup that it was a risk, and it was one I took with both eyes open, and with the support of my husband. But at the time, we never dreamed the economy would tank as badly as it has. We figured we’d go it for 6 months, or maybe a year if we were lucky, and either put out a great product and succeed, or put out a product that didn’t sell and fail. We never expected to put out a great product and then lose our backing before it had time to succeed.

But it is what it is. I guess it’s best that it happened before we were in the house. And I guess this just means there are better houses out there. It’s not even about the house right now. Right now I’m scared. Because I’ve had all of about 7 hours to digest this. And it’s about the worst time this could happen – I mean, not just economy-wise, but New Year’s Eve? The week between Christmas and New Year? The job postings are slim. I know they’ll improve, but I sure could use something encouraging to look at, like my search yielding more than 8 results, 7 of which are for Radio Shack store managers and one of which is to join the Navy.Not that there’s anything wrong with Radio Shack. I wonder what the employee discount is?

Happy New Year!

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