bah humbug

You know, saying I celebrate Christmas and Hannukah implies that I actually do something resembling celebrating. Truth is, this year I can’t say I celebrate either. I’m not doing anything. I didn’t decorate at all because I just didn’t want to deal with having to take everything down AND pack AND move in January. I didn’t even pull out the menorah so there is no candle-lighting or anything.
What sucks is, I don’t care about any of this until Christmas morning. And then when I wake up on Christmas morning, the little kid in me is just disappointed that there’s nothing special about this day. I miss waking up at the ass-crack of dawn, wanting to open my presents and being told I hade to wait until mom got the turkey in the oven. It made me nuts. My dad would come in and read to me until it was time, but it seemed like forever.
I guess through the years Christmas just gets less fun. My best Christmases were when we lived in Brooklyn, and all my cousins would come over for Christmas dinner. We’d play with my toys, open presents, then eat dinner – the four girls at the kids’ table, while my oldest cousin got to sit at the grown-ups’ table. Uncle Benny would always carve the turkey – it started with a knife and ended with him grabbing the wings and ripping it apart. Traditions. Gotta love ’em.
I never enjoyed Christmas quite so much after we moved to Florida. No family. But the other traditions remained – the reading, the getting the turkey in the oven, the presents. And of course, then I grew up. I guess that’s one of the reasons people have kids, so they can then create their own traditions. If there’s an hour of the year I have the slightest regret about not having kids, it’s the first hour of Christmas morning.
But life is what it is, and I guess it’s not so bad. When we’re in our new house, playing with the Wii, I won’t have any regrets about not opening any presents this year.
I could go on with my list of complaints and whining, but eh. It’s not about all that. The important thing is that on this day a great man was born and we remember that and are grateful for all the joy he has brought to our lives. Happy birthday Jimmy Buffett!


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