The title of this blog is the most accurate representation I can portray of the inside of my head this past week. Because we’re probably maybe most likely buying a house. And it’s excited and scared the crap outta me and had me second- and third- and numbers-I-can’t-even-count-to-guessing myself. And it’s had me making everyone I know completely batshit with my “what ifs” and “should I’s” and everything else.

But the bottom line is, if everything goes reasonably smoothly, we’re doing it. It’s new, not a resale or a foreclosure (one of the second-guessing items that’s had one particular friend ready to kill me, and if she wasn’t as close to a sister as they come she’d have told me to leave her the hell alone and shuddup already long ago). We ran the numbers, we thought about it, we looked – but ultimately, especially for us (the not-so-handy types) this one makes sense.

I’ll go into more details when things are more solidified because I of course am afraid of jinxing it. But holy crap! Is there a scarier decision in the world? If I haven’t blogged and you haven’t heard from me – or worse, if you have heard from me this last week – this is why. I’m a bit … errrr … consumed.