what ifs?

Seems like my life has been full of what ifs and the dodging of bullets and choices made lately, so what better to do than blog about them?

What if we really had kept my 3-year-old nephew with us? He’s a sweet kid, but there is obviously a reason the hub and I have decided to not reproduce. Our lifestyle may lack in the “style” department, but it’s ours. We get up when we want on weekends and do what we want, whether its go to Toojays for breakfast and couch all day, or a random trip out to some random part of Florida to do random nothingness. Not that you can’t do that stuff with a kid, but then there’s whining to deal with, and pull-ups and food, and what if he gets bit by a snake or something?

What if I never lose this weight? That’s a tough one, coz I really DO want to lose it. I’m just not having a whole lot of luck with it, due mainly to some poor choices when it comes to eating delicious things versus things that will help get the weight off. Exercise-wise, I could do worse. I’m not training for any marathons or lifting weights heavier than a glass of wine, but I do walk for a minimum of an hour a day. I know – that won’t get 50 pounds off my fat ass any more than cookies and chianti will. But come on, where’s the line between living and existing and is the line wider than my hips?

What if everything works out the way I hope it will rather than the way I fear it will?


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