heartbreak waiting to happen

I promise, just one more dog post. But this one is necessary. Two of my friends had to put their dogs down this week. And by “this week” I mean starting from Sunday.

I’ve known many people who have had to go through this. In fact, since I met him Barry’s family has put two of his dogs down. I never got it. I felt bad for the people, because they were sad, but I just didn’t get the total attachment to a dog. But now – it’s not just because of Savannah. It’s because I’ve spent the last year psyching myself up for a dog, knowing how badly Barry wanted one. So I’ve really tried to get to know and appreciate the dogs around me, and I have, over the last year, gained an affection and understanding that of course culminated in Savannah Jane. I know she’s a heartbreak waiting to happen, although I comfort myself by telling myself I’ll probably be close to 50 by the time I have to deal with that – and how far away is that?! It must be VERY far away because I can’t be old enough to have 50 be a foreseable milestone. Right? Anyway, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

So RIP Tiger and Bosco and all of those who have gone before you – you each in a way helped me get where I am today – a happy, if slightly insane, dog owner.


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