it’s not the sky falling, it’s pigs flying from a frozen hell

or in other words, I got a puppy.

OK, we got a puppy. Coz I’d have never done this on my own. Not much of a pet person, or a living thing person, as most of you know. I was living this solitary life with nothing else but me and the occasional cockroach alive in my apartment and then along came Barry, and a mere 2+ years later I have a husband and a dog. I’m damn near domesticated. And NO a kid is not next. I AM NOT REPRODUCING. How many times can I say that?

But she is, of course, the world’s cutest puppy, Savannah Jane. And I loved that name before Jimmy did – on the very off chance I did give birth and it had been female I’d have named it that. Plus, she looks kinda like a lion right now – mostly Golden Retriever, says the vet, with some “woodshed,” as he put it, mixed in. The shelter people said collie – and I think I can see some collie, but the vet doesn’t see it – and I guess he’s the expert. She had a brother too, who I think (hope!) got adopted by a family who was there when we were. If they didn’t, I’m sure he went quickly. Abandoned at birth, they were bald when they were rescued, and have been fostered up until now. Savannah has the Golden coloring, but her brother was mostly white. She was a little skittish the first day, but has gotten over it quickly. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m totally in love. I can’t wait to get up and see her in the morning.

So where is Savannah the world’s cutest puppy right now? In time out. She peed on the carpet. Oh well – it’s only Day 3.


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