dieting. again.

It is only Wednesday and so far this week the World Series has been suspended for the first time in history, and the weather has gotten down into the 40s in October, and I’ve started Weight Watchers for about the fortieth time. I know, another diet? But this time the hubby and the ‘rents hit me with the whole “health” thing – you know, “we all love you at any weight but none of us want to see you with diabetes or dead or anything.” So OK. It’s back to Weight Watchers I go, where I’m like Billy Madison back in school and I know all this stuff I just forget to apply it most of the time. Or always.

The good thing, I hope, this time is that I like the meeting leader. I rarely do. I generally hate WW meetings. And all kinds of meetings. And group gatherings in general. It’s because of the people, really … but I digress. While I was put off by one girl who was evidently a high-schooler and very Arnold Horseshack-like and whose grandmother eventually had to tell her to let other people answer questions and who I did not kill only because I think she might have been retarded or something I stayed, and had a long talk with the leader after, and she was not annoying or peppy or remotely Spirit-Bunny-like. I may stick this one out.

So that was yesterday and as of today I have (almost) successfully completed one day of dieting implementing a healthier lifestyle. I feel really good, although that might be due to the fact that I may have a concussion after (don’t ask) whacking my face on my desk. Or it could be the steroid-type medicine I’m on to finally knock out the plague I’ve had all month. But let’s go with the whole healthy lifestyle thing, shall we? The fruits, veggies and dairy are just raging through my body, beating the crap outta the remaining pizza and Chinese food, going BE GONE WITH YOU EVIL PROCESSED FOODS.

Ugh. Is it really only Wednesday?


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