I love baseball. Not everyone does, I know. It’s slow, not as exciting as football or hockey, say. And granted, you can’t compare a baseball game to a really good, bone-crushing game of hockey. But baseball is something different. It’s America’s passtime, the great equalizer. Sure, there are a million and a half (approximate) games each season and probably no one watches all of them. But it’s there. If you live where there’s a baseball team and you want something do to on a day during the summer, you can go to a baseball game. It’s not like football, where there are just a limited number of games each season.

Not sure what my point is here except that usually baseball is a nice distraction from life and world events and stuff. And then you get a game like last night’s Game 5 of the World Series, with as many questionable decisions as have been made during the entire presidential election. Why did the game even start to begin with? Why did it go as long as it did? And how the hell can the game just be picked up where it left off a day or two later? There’s always going to be an asterisk on this year now, regardless of the outcome. If the Rays win, it’ll be their first World Series win* (*game 5 delayed after 5.5 innings with the score tied). If the Phillies win it’ll probably be less controversial but also maybe less meaningful. I’ve never been a fan of domed baseball stadiums, but this mess definitely is a check mark in the “pro” column.

Hell, I don’t know why I care, since the Mets aren’t involved, but a) I want to see the Phillies get beat fairly and b) I want something in the world right now to be uncontroversial. There’s only a week left until the election – let’s have some fun with something!


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