people I sort of wanted to smack today

The anorexic chick in line ahead of me at Publix, buying ONE Weight Watchers ice cream. With exact change. Oh, I sense some issues there.

The staff at my doctor’s office who ignored the fact that I checked “Yes” under “do you have new insurance?” for the entire 40 minutes I was sitting in the waiting room watching “The Best of the Three Stooges Movie Trailers” (I could not make that up, it seriously seems to exist, if only for the sole purpose of making otherwise healthy people sick before seeing the doctor) and instead acted all shocked as I was checking out when I told them I had new insurance.

The assmonkey in sales who not only crosses the church/state line, he dances the jig on it, crawls back over it and then spits on it.

The election people. All of them. STOP FREAKING CALLING. I’m ready to boycott this whole damn election already. Except I would totally vote for Fey/Ferrell if I could. Those guys rocked SNL Thursday last night.

People I totally did not want to smack today:

The guy at Starbucks with the red hair and freckles. I always have a soft spot for my fellow redheads, but he was really nice, too.

My husband, who built a Lego castle and told me “every princess needs a castle.”

The guy at Service Pro. These guys GET customer service. They are just downright nice and helpful on the phone and in person. I don’t know what it is exactly that they do, other than their jobs, maybe. Everyone in the world should copy them.

My good friend who reminded me that it’s Friday night and I should open that bottle of wine, chill out, and sleep well.

Whoever was programming XM Radio for playing the theme song to “The Greatest American Hero.”


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