I believe this is called ‘overdramatizing’

You know that commercial where the girl in the wheelchair goes down a flight of steps, takes the ramp to get on a bus, and then wheels herself through a parking lot, under a barrier and into a …. what? A hospital so she can donate a liver to her dying uncle? Physical therapy so she can walk again? Or maybe … to vote?

Yeah, that commercial. That commercial bugs me. Pretty much for the reasons I just named above.

I mean – the voice over: “every day, hundreds of people do the right thing” makes you think she’s not only doing something really important, but that there’s just no other way in the world for her to do it.

Have these people never heard of absentee ballots? I saw a figure the other day that an estimated 33% of Americans were voting by absentee ballot. Hell, when my husband went to vote in the primary they gave him a hard time for being there – for walking the quarter mile to go and vote, because they had him down as having requested an absentee ballot (I think I did this for both of us when I thought I might be in China on Election Day). (And for the record I was unable to vote in the primaries because I was not registered, being mid-name-change. Another black mark for the whole changing of the name thing).

So the sentiment is nice and all, but I think maybe the ad council should save the overdramatics for things that really require it. Like those poor Honey Bunches of Oats people who have to stand in front of that giant fan to make Just Bunches cereal.


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