sick and tired

No, not just from the debate and politics and the economy. I’ve just come down with some sort of bug and I feel like crap, which is why I didn’t write the planned blog about irrational fears. Don’t worry, that one’s coming. Right now, in the interest of keeping my blog-a-day promise I’ll say the only thing I can think of right now, which is OMG SARAH PALIN GRATES ON MY LAST NERVE.

She did a surprisingly decent job tonight in the debate – I mean, if you’re not overly concerned with facts and stuff. She didn’t visibly crumble and held her own. But eeesh. I cannot listen to that down-home Joe-sixpack jabber delivered in that annoying accent for the next four years – and seriously? WTF is it with the word nulcear? Does she just strive to emulate George Bush?

Really, there’s no one on the ticket anymore who thrills me, but as with the last couple of elections it’s a matter of the lesser of the evils. However, I guess if Palin ends up in the White House we’ll at least end up with the promise of Tina Fey on SNL for four more years. Do they show SNL in Belize?


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