far more important than politics or irrational fears

I just read this news story. It made me sick.

This little 7-year-old monster broke into a zoo in Australia, fed a bunch of live animals to a crocodile and killed some others. He bashed a 20-year-old goanna over the head with a rock and killed it before feeding it to the croc.

I’m glad this happened in Australia where it seems the parents will be sued. I hope they’re held responsible. In the U.S., the parents would sue the zoo for having a security system that allowed their kid in.

What type of environment does a kid have to be raised in to do something like this, and think it’s OK. Where WERE his parents, for that matter? This obviously happened after operating hours. Shouldn’t the kid at the least have been home, if not in bed?

I guess we need to know more about all the circumstances before assigning blame – but it’s hard to think a 7-year-old is capable of something like that without some sort of environmental input.

ETA: – so I asked my Australian friend if she’d heard about it, and she sent me this link. I love the Aussies for so many reason, but top of the list today is the fact that the link to the jump for the story says “Read more on the little sadist here.”


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