oops, I almost blew my “blog every day starting Oct. 1” vow by forgetting to blog today.

So yep. Here it is, the first day of the rest of my life.

And the story goes like this:

I spent 6 1/2 years as an editor for this publication. It was a good job. I mean, there were times that I actually looked forward to going to work on Mondays. We went through a lot of different groups of people in my time there, but there were some specific glory days that I can really look back on and say, ‘yep, that was awesome.’ But nothing stays the same of course, and I won’t say I left because things changed. Because that would be lame. You have to adapt to change … it’s the one constant in the world after all. Nope, I won’t say I left because things changed or they weren’t the same or I wanted them a certain way. I think, ultimately, the human brain just isn’t designed to do anything for 6 1/2 straight years. And forgive me if you’ve heard me use this analogy but it’s the most accurate I can think of: You know how MASH lasted 11 seasons and it probably shouldn’t have? It was still good after 11 seasons, better than a lot of shows, but it had passed its peak and it really should have probably ended after 6 or 7 seasons? That was kinda how I felt. My heart just wasn’t completely in it anymore.

So then all these circumstances kind of came together – I got married and went on my husband’s health insurance, so that was one issue that wasn’t an issue anymore. Then a friend of mine was possibly working with a new startup and maybe there’s some freelance opportunity there … and hell, if I’m gonna freelance, well why not go all the way? I have been sadly neglectful of any sort of creative writing and do I really just always want to wonder if I could have made it as a freelance writer or even if I could have written that book? And then my brother-in-law decided he wants to move here after he’s done with his final tour in the Army, and he’s a talented designer and he and Barry had always wanted to launch this business, and I think the three of us offer the complete package. And hell, we don’t own a house and we don’t have any kids, it’s just us who are affected by any decisions that may or may not be stupid.

So it was the perfect storm that came together and made me say, what the hell? So here I am. And just proving that I didn’t just want to turn my back say “screw you” to the whole thing, I’ve agreed to remain in a consultant-type role. And I’ve had the chance to realize in the last month that I do like a lot of things about my old job and industry, and once I eliminated the things that I just could NOT take anymore, I’m really happy that I made the choice I did – one that let me make a necessary decision but didn’t burn any bridges. I really feel like I have the best of both worlds. And meanwhile that original freelance opportunity has turned into more of a steady job than I initially expected – which is also great. There’s so much satisfaction to be gotten out of starting something from scratch and making it into something amazing.

As for the rest of it – the creative stuff – well, it’s hard. I need to carve out some time for myself to really sit and just write. I guess that’s what I’m doing with this blog; by making the committment to write every day about something.

Today’s was easy. Tomorrow will start the real test. Stay tuned!


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