redefining insanity

So supposedly the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. Therefore the fact that I am doing something completely different right now in light of a same situation would make me not insane, right?

OK, except … I’m not sure.
Perhaps you all remember the last day of the Mets’ season last year? No? Let me refresh your memory. Right, the week I plunged into a deep depression and lay comatose on the couch for a week watching the entire extended LOTR trilogy to make me forget about baseball.

So today is maybe or maybe not once again the last day of the Mets’ season. An entire postseason may hang on this one game.

And of course they’re playing the Marlins again. Which means again, in its infinite wisdom, MLB has blacked out the game coverage on TBS in “local markets.” Of which supposedly Orlando is one, being as we’re all in the same state as Miami and stuff. Except the damn game is not being carried on any other local networks either … yadda yadda, anyway, same scenario that had me desperately trying to hook up my computer to the TV to no avail and finally just listen to the game over the Internet. Which is how we got to the point where I was stomping around the living room, alternately cursing the computer, MLB and Tom Glavine.

So this year, in an attempt to not recreate the past I’m just ignoring the game. I’m not trying to listen. I’m peeking on every so often (bottom of the 3rd, no score). But I figure by NOT doing the same thing; i.e., going to any means possible to try to watch/hear the game, I will effectively and single-handedly change the future and ensure the Mets’ eventual World Series victory.

Check back with me in October. I’ll let you know how that went.


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