alert: we are approaching the dawn of a new blogging era

OK, maybe it’s not that dramatic.

But after the events that prompted the last post – well, I’ve made a whole bunch of interesting changes in my life. Primarily, I gave notice at my job.

Once my obligations there are complete, I plan to begin, among other things, trying to get back into writing again. That means …. yep, you guessed it, I’m going to blog more.

Please, I can hardly hear the sound of my typing over the excited screams.

But seriously – if I’m going to really write more I need to stay in practice. No better way to do that than the blog. I may be quiet until the end of the month – not to say there won’t be ANY posts, but I do need to restrain myself from saying some things for a bit … I’m not so good with the restraint. Better safe than sorry >:)

Come October though … a post a day. No promises about quality posts or anything – but posts. Enough to keep me warmed up and in the game.



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