I could’ve had an iMac

I have already decided – without even having seen most of them – that wedding photos were the biggest waste of money ever. It’s now been 4 weeks since the wedding – the timeframe we were told to expect them in. I sent an e-mail to check in – seems now we’re looking at 8 weeks.
From what I’ve heard, this is pretty standard. Pretty much everyone I know has had to wait forever for their wedding photos.

sidenote here: the best “I had to wait for my wedding photos” story EVER was from my friend Mandy whose wedding photographer was an original member of Quiet Riot and sometime shortly after her wedding Kevin duBrow was found dead and so her photos were delayed because he was ‘trying to stay out of the spotlight’ whatever that means, but hell, if your wedding photos are going to be really late the death of an 80s hair metal star whose band you were in for 5 minutes before they became famous is pretty much the only acceptable excuse.

Problem is – I kind of don’t care anymore. I mean – I’ve seen a million photos people took. I’m not overly thrilled with how I looked at the wedding anyway. And what the hell are we going to DO with these photos once we have ’em? Flip through them on the computer every now and then? It’s not like we even have a mantel, or any place appropriate for a big framed wedding photo (I guess we’ll add it to the shopping list when we buy a house).
Oddly, I don’t feel any kind of nostalgia, or feeling of sadness when I think about the wedding being over. I expected to. I thought I’d feel like this thing I’d had in my life for a year and a half was gone – and now what? You know, like the feeling you get when you come back from vacation? But nope. I feel nothing but relief. Every time I look at the weather forecast I’m filled with an automatic sense of dread, and then relief that, oh right, I no longer have to sweat out what the weather will be like on that day and mother nature can do WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS.
But I digress. My point is, of all the money that was spent on the wedding (and most of it was not mine so it’s maybe not fair of me to say but I think my parents would agree) the only thing that was not worth it was the photographer. Nearly 2 grand for something I already don’t give a rat’s ass about.
I could’ve gotten an iMac. That would have held my interest for at least a month.
Live and learn.


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