the birthday blog

So I feel obligated to blog on my birthday, to reflect on the past year and stuff like that. But lemme tell you – when you have a wedding coming up in less than two months, reflection gets hard. In fact, focusing on anything other than the upcoming wedding is a little challenging. Yep, I’ve officially become that girl.

But it’s kind of OK. See, I love my birthday. It’s my “all about me” day (kind of hard to tell it apart from most other days in my world, I realize – but this one is, like, justified). But if there was gonna ever be a day that was more all about me than my birthday, it’s my wedding day. I hardly ever get to wear a tiara on my birthday, after all.
Anyway, the Cliff Notes version of Reflections on the Last Year is, it’s been a very good year – one of the best, I think. I moved back home to Florida, I reconnected with old friends, I survived about as many changes at work as it should be humanly possible to experience in one short period of time. I think I might even weigh less than I did on my last birthday.

The down side is, I’m officially pushing 40. That is freaking scary. How did that happen again?
(and most importantly – why is Happy Bunny fucking up my line spacing???)
I have to add a p.s. to this – we stopped into TGI Fridays to grab dinner and when I ordered a glass of wine I got CARDED! On my 37th birthday! Woo hoo! Pushing 40 my ass!

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