oh yeah, and I probably have malaria

So, right. India. I’ve been meaning to blog about this trip since I’ve been back – but after being back four days I still feel too crappy to really write anything deep.

So I’ll take the easy way out – if a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a link to like, 5 million words. I’m not totally sure the Snapfish link works, and one of these days I’ll upload them to Photobucket or something more user-friendly – and really, the five people who read my blog have already seen the pics anyway, so whatever.

What else can I say about India? The show was a huge success. I saw some cool stuff. I bought some cool stuff. And seriously? Worst. Case. Of jet lag. Ever. Coupled with off-and-on mild fever and what is kindly called “Delhi belly” I’ve felt like shit for almost a solid week now. And I have too much to do to feel this bad.

I’m now down to about 65 days until my wedding and two days until I have to ship the April issue and I’ve been a walking panic attack since I’ve been home. I keep thinking of people I need to send invitations to and that I need to get the out-of-town bags done and that I still don’t fit into my wedding dress (mom. I promise, I will let you know the second I do) and that I’m never going to get this issue shipped on time.

And then I think I’ll have a glass of wine and just not give a rat’s ass.


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