an old person’s movie review

So we went to see “Juno” yesterday. Going to the movies is a pretty rare occurance for me anyway, as I don’t like other people, I don’t like sitting in one spot for extended periods of time and I don’t have the attention span to watch anything for more than about 30 minutes. But we were pretty bored and Juno got good reviews – and I felt like eating movie theater popcorn. Bad Amy.

So, my brief review: Good flick. I was curious about the handling of the possibly sensitive subject matter of a pregnant 16-year-old – but I think it worked because the movie didn’t try to “handle” anything. It just told a story. The buzz about Ellen Page is deserved. She reminded me a bit of Janeane Garofalo (think “Reality Bites” – you know, a movie about my generation).

And speaking of which, I could probably have done without the scene where Jason Bateman is talking to Juno about his prom, telling her, “this is how we did it in ’88” – and then two lines later she calls him “old.” Coz that was awesome.

Let’s never use the words “’88” and “old” so close together ever again, ‘K?



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