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Alrighty then. I’ve been threatening this political-ish blog for a while, but with so many other things to talk about, I just keep putting it off. But Super Tuesday is looming, so I guess it’s now or never.

I hereby announce my endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

crickets chirping

‘K, so that doesn’t have much political impact. But the fact that nobody cares has never stopped me from sharing my opinions. So here’s why.

Well, first of all, let’s eliminate everyone else. For me, it purely comes down to a choice between Clinton and Obama. Of all the Republican candidates, Giuliani was the only one who came close to being someone I could support. Without getting into every single detail, I’ll just hit on a couple of the issues that are important to me.

First of all, Iraq. Bottom line is, I don’t think we should be there, never have. That’s just reinforced by the fact that my brother-in-law is headed over there for his second 15-month tour of duty. My best friend’s baby brother is also headed over there, leaving his wife and newborn baby. Yes, I get that both of these people actively signed up for the military. They both knew what they were getting into. It was a free choice. And yet, for their lives to be both put on hold and put at risk for a fruitless, ill-conceived cause? I can’t get behind that.

And yes, I’ll put this out there: abortion has always been an important issue for me. I very strongly believe in a woman’s right to make the choices that affect her own body. McCain has stated he would overturn Roe vs. Wade, and that individual states should make the decision. Romney and Huckabee have both just said flat out that abortion should be illegal. I call horseshit on them all. No, I don’t support abortion being used as a form of birth control, and I think that every woman who is faced with that choice should have to be fully, if neutrally, educated on exactly what is involved. With girls having sex younger and younger without regard for consequences, I think education is critical. And yes, it’s the parents’ responsibility and no, they don’t always do their jobs. I recognize the issue. Ultimately, women must be informed, responsible and capable of making their own decisions. They’re our bodies, not anyone else’s.

There are, of course, many other issues. Those are two I feel strongly about, but I have researched many more in detail. There’s not a Republican candidate I can get behind based on the majority of them. So this leaves Obama and Clinton. So – why Hillary? I have no problems with Obama. He shares most of my views on the issues. He’d probably be fine. Problem is, we’ve got eight years of mess to clean up. I’m not sure “fine” is enough.

And to be perfectly honest, two of the big reasons I support Hillary have nothing to do with her abilities either. I do feel she has the necessary ability to run this country well and I wouldn’t vote for her if she didn’t. But I also support her because: a) she’s a woman and b) I think having Bill in the White House is a good thing. OK – hello controversy! Bring it.

In this Britney/Paris/Lindsay-infatuated world, women need strong role models. I’ve never believed in the glass ceiling. I’ve been very lucky in that I don’t think being a woman has ever prevented me from getting anything I wanted. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had strong female role models my whole life. All girls aren’t so lucky. Hillary gets a lot of criticism for her lack of emotion, for coming on too strong. I think she comes on just right. Would anyone accuse a man of coming on too strong? Nope. Total double standard.

And how about Bill? I have a friend who feels that having a Clinton back in the White House would create a kind of dynasty – no one but Clintons or Bushes in leadership for two straight decades. I think that’s an interesting perspective and I can see the point – but ultimately I’d rather have a Clinton dynasty than a McCain or Romney. Bill had his less-than-stellar moments, to be sure. But he also created a strong economy, trust in our government and placed emphasis on education and family. And let’s face it, there’s a lot of work to be done in restoring our country’s good name in the face of the rest of the world. Bill can go a long way toward doing that.

Not that I’m voting for Bill. I’m voting for Hillary. She’s a strong leader, she has experience, she can provide our country with the type of leadership it needs. And yes, she’s a woman. That’s important to me. I want to see a woman in the White House. I want to see that final glass ceiling broken.

Does she have flaws? Sure. There is plenty of anti-Clinton propaganda out there. To that, I’ll just say this: Our only choices in this election are politicians. This pretty strongly raises the odds that the candidate we choose will have more skeletons in his or her closet than the average person, more possible less-than-aboveboard actions. It’s like complaining that a Miss America contestant has had a boob job. The pool of candidates is limited to the type of people who are in competition for such a position. Ultimately, do you vote on that, or do you vote for the candidate you feel will do the best job for the country?

This is all just my opinion, of course. I don’t judge anyone for their opinions and I hope no one would do that to me. That’s the beauty of this country – I can write a giant blog about what I think, post it to the Web and everyone can agree, disagree or flame away.

So opinions being like assholes, I present you with mine. Have at it.


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