a walk down (wedding) memory lane

So, the Big Day is approaching. It is, according to the countdown timer on my wedding website, 116 days away.

However, we have made amazing progress since I wrote the last blog. We have a DJ, a photographer and meetings with two rabbis this weekend. I splurged for a new printer and have the invitations, complete with response cards and all, designed and ready to print as soon as I finalize all the details (thank you Christy, your suggestions convinced me to do that). I have a meeting with the venue coordinator in three weeks. I re-confirmed the hotel room block and sent out an e-mail to my entire guest list. My maid of honor, my mom and I are going dress shopping this weekend. Yep, it’s all coming together.

So in updating my wedding website I decided, for fun, to link to the pictures from other weddings I’ve been in. And since I have those photos now scanned and uploaded, I thought it would be fun to reminisce on them a little more in-depth. Fun for me, anyway.

The first wedding I was ever in was supposed to be Tracey’s but wasn’t. See, Tracey was planning her first wedding back in 1994 around the same time that my good friend Amy was also planning her first wedding – Tracey’s in Kissimmee, Amy’s in Boston. I kept telling them, keep me updated, don’t plan them on the same date (they didn’t know each other). Amy set her date first – Sept. 17, 1994. I told Tracey. Who then said, dammit, I just set Sept. 17 as my date!

How’s that for a bad situation?

However, Tracey is probably one of the most laid-back, easygoing people I know. She completely understood I’d made a prior obligation. So, I was not at my best friend’s first wedding, but I was in another good friend’s wedding and I was thrilled to be part of the event. Plus, I got to go to Boston … which in a very roundabout way led to my going to grad school in Pensacola a couple of years later. And neither Amy nor Tracey is still married to the men they wed on that day. So ultimately, it’s probably just fine it all worked out as it did.

As far as dresses go, Amy’s were gorgeous. Ivory brocade, all different styles. Mine was kind of a suit. I always said it would make a good second-wedding dress. Ha – I obviously assumed I’d a) get married once before now and b) be able to fit my big toe into that dress past the age of 23.

Next up was Julie’s wedding. This was just a year later, in 1995. Julie’s bridesmaid’s dress was probably the cheapest one I’ve ever bought – and for 1995, it was fabulous. You can’t really see it in the picture because my mother took it with her 1960s Instamatic camera – you know, the ones that had the big, square, disposable flashbulbs for the top? She used this camera up until I made her get a digital two years ago.

Anyway, I guess the main thing I think of these days when it comes to Julie’s wedding is the fact that her husband died a few years ago. It was a senseless, tragic accident on the job, and she was a widow at 34. But she’s moved on with her life and is happy, so it’s probably best not to think about that and instead think about how much fun we had at her wedding; it was a good time with our whole gang together.

And now I feel I have to prove that not every wedding I’ve been in has ended in tragedy or divorce – so let’s move on to Beth’s wedding! This was in Pensacola, in 1998 (I can remember this because it was the same year as my 10-year high school reunion.) This was a great wedding – starting with the bachelorette party. Well, maybe Beth would prefer to forget the bachelorette party – oh wait, she already had by the next day! (Sorry Beth! LOL). Bachelorette parties and New Orleans just go together like Joannie and Chachi.

This was just a flat-out great wedding, from the bridesmaid’s lunch through the reception. We had fun, we got drunk, we laughed, we cried. I’ve never forgotten Bart’s face when he first saw Beth walking down the aisle. Classic in every way. And a great dress too. I looked fabulous in this dress, and I thought I was huge at the time (well, to be fair, I was the heaviest I’d ever been, up until then. I have a lot to lose to get down to that weight now!) The odd thing is, I can’t remember the shoes at all. Why this bothers me I’m not sure.

And finally, we have Mandy’s wedding, just this past October. These pictures prove that no woman should be a bridesmaid past the age of 30. I do not look good in these wedding pictures. I look so bad, in fact, that I have already lost 15 pounds since seeing them. In spite of all that, it was a very cool wedding. The groom was Scottish, so all the men wore kilts. It was a beautiful wedding, too, at a golf resort in Las Vegas. I loved everything about it, except for how I looked. The dress was great, the shoes were great (if uncomfortable), but I looked terrible. I do not like my hair curly – at least that was a lesson learned for my wedding. And I should stay away from skinny, 20-something blondes in pictures!


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