politics can wait

I’ve had this whole “why I support Hillary” blog rambling around in my head for a few days now. Problem is, work has gotten so crazy and all-consuming again that I just can’t find the energy to actually write something deep-ish.

So instead, let me share with you my eyebrow-bleaching experience.

See, I have these naturally really black eyebrows. Problem is, I do not have naturally really black hair. Contrary to what many suspect, I really am a natural redhead. Dark red, yes. Auburn, really. But not black.

So several years ago when I discovered the wonder and joy that is “What Not to Wear” I discovered that a little facial bleach applied safely and carefully to the eyebrows can really just knock the shade down a little bit. Any color correction can be done then with tinted mascara or brow gel.

Usually it works great. Unless you get caught up on a phone call and forget it’s on there. In which case you end up with blonde eyebrows. But whatever. Not the point of this blog.

The point is, Sally Hansen has changed their packaging. You used to have to mix the accelerator (a powder) together with bleach (cream). You did this in a little tray they gave you, with a little spatula, also included.

But today I opened it and apparently in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint or something, the tray has turned into a piece of flat plastic. You curve it a little, hold it up and scoop the white powdered accelerator on it, tapping it to make sure it stays in the center and doesn’t fall off.

Now, I never did blow at Studio 54 in the 70s, so to say that’s what it looks like would just be a guess. But really?


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