last blog o’ the year

I don’t even have anything good to say, but figured I should commemorate the closing of 2007 somehow. So let’s look back. It’s been a crazy year, actually.

At this time last year, Barry and I had just gotten engaged and I was overwhelmed at the thought of all the wedding planning ahead of me.

Today, Barry and I have been engaged over a year, and I’m still overwhelmed at the thought of all the wedding planning ahead of me.

At this time last year, I got on the scale and after the scale and I both said “holy crap!” I said, OK, this year I will lose 30 pounds.

Today – not much change. Oops.

At this time last year, we were wondering if this half-ass scheme to move to Orlando might actually pan out, what we were going to do for work, and how we’d manage a cross-country move and finding a place to live if, somehow, the whole thing did work out (while at the same time, I at least was probably thinking, “there’s no way we’ll actually make this work.”)

Today, we are happily settled in Orlando, miraculously still both employed by our Vegas companies, working from home and have never regretted the whole thing for a second. Of course, it would never have worked out without our good friends Tracey and Todd and some frequent flyer miles. In another one of those scenarios that sounds good when you first talk about it but never believe it will happen, Tracey mentioned to me sometime in March or so, “hey, Todd and I could come out to Vegas and drive back with you.” Two months later we were on the road. Now those are some good friends! (yeah, they got a mini Vegas vacation out of it too, and Todd discovered gambling. Another oops!) But it was a road trip none of us will ever forget, down to the timing that put us in New Orleans during Jazzfest. Sometimes you gotta figure things are meant to be.

And again, Trace helped me scout houses and did some legwork, and we ended up in this very cute, not-entirely-perfect-but-good-enough-for-a-rental, house in the world’s cutest neighborhood. We’re still considering buying, but when we actually manage to control our impulses and be sensible, we know that the smart thing to do is wait until after the wedding.

So what New Year’s resolutions can I draw from this past year?

1) I resolve not to worry so much, because it’s a waste of time. You never know how things will play out, and the things you worry most about don’t even happen half the time – it’s the stuff you didn’t see coming you have to watch out for!
2) I resolve not to fear change, since it’s inevitable.
3) I resolve to be smarter with money, so maybe we can buy a house sooner rather than later
4) I resolve to lose 30 pounds. No really – I do. This year I mean it!


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