oh yeah … the wedding

Last night we realized (well, to be fair, we’ve known – we just faced the realization) that the wedding is less than five months away. We’ve had a location booked since April. The location includes food, cake and the bar. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve done

Now granted, the important things are covered – groom, venue and four hours of booze. However, there are probably a few other things we need to get. Like, ummm, a dress. An officiant. A DJ. A photographer. Oh, and a honeymoon. Oy.

In fact, since booking the location eight months ago, the only significant wedding-related task I’ve done is ditching bridesmaids. Yes, that’s right. We started with a four-on-a-side wedding party. Then, some issues with Barry’s best friend left us in doubt as to whether he’d even be at the wedding, never mind in it. But the final deciding factor was finding out his youngest brother – his best man – was being deployed to Iraq in January for 15 months, and wouldn’t be at the wedding. At that point, I decided it was just ridiculous to struggle to figure out how to even out the sides, never mind ask my friends to spend a couple hundred dollars on dresses. Does having your friends stand next to you for 15 minutes in matching dresses mean you love them any more? Nope. And I count myself incredibly lucky to have far more good friends than I could reasonably fit in a wedding party anyway.

So we’re down to a very simple ceremony. One best man, one maid of honor. No bridesmaids, no groomsmen, no flower girls or ringbearers. This should be easy to plan, no? Ugh. I don’t even have colors picked out, figuring we’ll go dress shopping and work around whatever dress looks best on Tracey (within reason, of course – but we’ve kicked around about 10 different color combinations and I know something good will work).

What else? It’s Barry’s job to find an officiant (I’ve suggested having a friend get ordained over the Internet. I don’t know if they have e-rabbis though). I have a list of recommended vendors from the hotel – so I just need to e-mail a couple of DJs and photographers. Florists? Ummm …. someone explain to me exactly what the flowers are for. No, seriously – other than the bouquet, do I need them for anything else?

And people – what else am I missing? I SUCK at event planning. I learned to avoid it in my professional life, and I see no reason I’d be any better at it in my personal life.

Why don’t we elope? Because I really want this big party. Major life events are the only time my family ever gets together – cousins and stuff, I mean. And people are starting to die. I’m the youngest cousin on both sides of the family, and the last non-funeral chance for everyone to gather. The thought of having all of my friends and my family together is fantastic – no way I’d pass that up. And in the end, I just want everyone to leave saying, man, that’s the best party I’ve been to in a long time. This is why I need to really make sure the DJ and photographer are great.

I’m still trying to figure out the importance of the flowers, though.


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