looking for direction

In case anyone was wondering, Barry’s gift to me was indeed a GPS.

I don’t know when I realized I had such a lousy sense of direction. Well – that’s not true. I’ve probably always known it, I just didn’t want to admit it, because I’ve spent so much time making fun of my mom’s lousy sense of direction. And hers really is bad. If she walks into a store in the mall, she will invariably turn the wrong way when she walks back out. She couldn’t find her way out of a parking lot without a compass. (Ironically, this inability to navigate completely disappears when she is on the island of Manhattan. It’s the strangest thing. She could walk around blindfolded and never make a wrong turn. You can’t take New York out of the girl, I guess. I will expound upon the greatness of New York City in another blog, however.)

Anyway, I don’t think my sense of direction is as bad as my mom’s. I mean, I know that if you come out of the New York and Co. in the Florida Mall and turn right, you’re heading toward Sears, and if you turn left you’re heading toward Dillard’s. (Impressive, no?) But I still need a little help now and then. This is where Barry finds himself in a no-win situation.

If I am driving to someplace new and I have painstakingly mapped out the directions, I will read them over and over before we leave. But when driving I still need them read to me. At a very specific time and in a very specific way. If that doesn’t happen, I get a little … errr … snappy. However, if I am the navigator and not the driver, I may get a little snappy if the driving doesn’t happen exactly to my liking.

This is why I got a GPS for Christmas. If I don’t like the manner in which the directions are read, I can blame the computer. And Barry gets to relax in the passenger’s seat instead of having to stay alert for fear I might, for example, get on the 417 instead of the 408 to get to IKEA in spite of having driven that exact route at least half a dozen times in the last couple of months. For example.

Oh, and speaking of IKEA – I got Barry a chair. A kick-ass IKEA chair. It was totally what he wanted and he’s very happy with it. My parents got us money.

Not a bad Christmas, all in all.


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