Yesterday was another one of those days. Why, why, why …. well, I won’t complete that sentence. I mean, what’s the point? I keep asking, but they never answer. Happy Bunny says it all for me.

Last night was a chocolate, wine AND Xanax night. I mean – the title of my blog was kind of a joke, and kind of a commentary on how sometimes you just gotta combat the stress. And I do utilize all of those methods. I believe in better living through pharmaceuticals. Wine – well, I don’t really have to extol the benefits of wine, do I? There’s just nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a good glass of wine. And chocolate – well, that’s the female wonderdrug, isn’t it? Something I generally try to avoid when I’m dieting, but it can really help now and then.

It is extremely rare that a day is so stressful that it calls for all three, though. But the last few weeks have just been BAD, and last night, I lost the battle entirely, and after my glass of wine I sent Barry for a fat-free sinless ice cream from Cold Stone with hot fudge on top (mixing in the hot fudge is a waste, by the way – it gets all hard and chewy and NOT hot-fudgey – just a helpful tip/sidenote.)

Did it help? Maybe. I’m up blogging at 5 a.m. – take that for what it’s worth – and maybe that’s the fourth, unspoken item in my blog title – blogging itself. Ironically, in my job I do very little writing, and what I do is certainly not an outlet (although for those who know me well enough to read between the lines in my “letter from the editor,” there is a bit of venting from time to time). But writing does help. It lets me get out my frustrations. If I write a blog rather than immediately responding to an e-mail, I’ll have vented enough emotion that I can send a reasonably calm and rational response (rather than the ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? that is my usual first reaction).

Anyway – as we know (and as the cartoon below so astutely points out) I’m not writing to try to be discovered, to pretend I’m beginning the Great American Novel, or even to become a blogging celebrity. I do it for me. And if some of you read it and get anything out of it, so much the better.

Kisses to all my fans – I wouldn’t be here without you. 😉


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