the good, the bad and the completely ridiculous

So with less than 24 hours until I depart for Shanghai, you’d expect me to be a little nuts, right?
And I am, no worries. It’s been one of those days. Actually, it’s just been one of those mornings. Here’s the nutshell version of the last three hours:
The good: I managed to upgrade on the Orlando-to-San Francisco leg. Six hours in first class will make me a much happier camper on the second, 13-hour leg. It will make my traveling companion much happier as well, I’m sure. Even if it didn’t, drinks on international flights are free. Woo.
The bad: I still have 17 hours of flight time ahead of me.
The completely ridiculous: I dumped a bowl of pasta with sauce all over the floor. And the walls. And the computers. And the power strip. This apparently caused a short, cutting off all electricity – and subsequently phones and Internet. Seriously? Who does this happen to?
Well, it’s all cleaned up now and power has been restored. I’m sure the carpet will bear the stains, and my leasing company will probably determine it’s at least an $800 deduction from the deposit. Whatever. At least the sauce is out of the power port.
So now I just have to finish packing, wrap up whatever work I can for today, and wait for takeoff. Fingers crossed that the trip is far less eventful than today has been!


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