it’s da chooz!

Today is the last day I have to work this week. I’m off tomorrow, then fly to Vegas Thursday for my friend Mandy’s wedding (Mandy, who I generally describe to people who don’t know or can’t place her as “the hot blonde with the big rack.” Fortunately this doesn’t offend her. It’s a dead-on accurate description, after all. Why do I hang out with people like this again?)

I think the best part of this wedding (other than the fact that I get to hang out and party with my Vegas friends) is the shoes I bought to go with my bridesmaid’s dress. They are pictured above, so I don’t have to tell you how freakin’ adorable they are. And while they may not match the dress as 100 percent perfectly as, say, a pair of dyeables might, let’s face it, who ever wears dyeables again? No matter what color, no matter how long the pants or how dark the room, people look at them and say (hopefully to themselves but it depends on the amount of alcohol or cattiness involved), ‘oh, she totally got those dyed to match a bridesmaid’s dress and is trying to get away with thinking she can wear them again.’

So screw it. I had to invest $200 in a dress I’ll never wear again (it’s pretty and all – but it’s a bridesmaid’s dress), I’m not blowing another $50 on shoes I’ll never wear again. Because in the words of the great Agador Spartacus in The Birdcage, “it’s da chooz.”


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