holy shit, i’m getting married

For anyone who’s known me for any length of time (which is most of you) you know this is crazy. But it’s really happening. A lot of y’all have asked for the deets, most of you probably don’t give a rat’s ass – but since it’s all about me, here they are!
The fiancé(!). Barry. He rocks. He’s smart, he has a degree and a job AND he’s in a band, he’s adorable, he’s young, he totally digs me, and he finds my – oh, let’s call them “quirks” – endearing. Yeah, like I was gonna let that guy go!

The proposal. So perfect, in Amy-land anyway. We were in Macy’s, the second-happiest place on earth (right behind Margaritaville). I’d just bought a bunch of clothes I don’t need and was on a post-shopping high. We were looking for new running shoes for him, but the selection sucked. So he was like, let’s go look at rings. And I was like, OK. So we bought a ring. Then we needed a drink. So we went and told his parents (who were thrilled – his mom cried. In a good way, I think). They took us out to eat, we drank a bottle of champagne, I called and texted and e-mailed people. Fun.
Oh – and in case you know my parents, you may be surprised to hear they’re really happy too. They actually really like Barry. Go figure.
The ring. It’s sparkly.
The wedding. I want a beach wedding, preferably on Cocoa Beach, as it’s closest. Right now we’re looking at May 18, 2008 as a target date, but that’ll all depend on availability, I guess. I wanted to do it in late March, so I could say I got married at 36, but that last weekend before my birthday is Easter. Bummer. Oh well, I’ll be an old bride with a young groom (he’ll be 31 – wooo! Go me!)
It’ll be a Jewish-lite ceremony (really, really Reform – one step away from civil) so it has to be on a Sunday – well, it can’t be on a Saturday, anyway.
Anyway, any suggestions on locations or anything else are welcomed! I’m afraid it’s going to be a semi-large wedding, as most of my relatives have been waiting years (most had given up, let’s be honest) and it’s a big deal in our family. Trace will be maid of honor, of course (I won’t call her a matron, it sounds too old!). That’s all I got so far for wedding party. It’s kinda dependent on how many Barry has. Everyone start dieting, just in case.

So, there ya go. The Red Sox won a World Series, the Democrats control Congress and Amy is getting married. What a crazy world we live in.


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