same eyeliner, different day

Do you ever just get in one of those moods where it seems like you’re stuck in a rut you can’t get out of? To throw in an analogy from one of my favorite movies, it’s like that scene in Twister where they go off the road and into that ditch, and they can’t climb out and the tornado is coming at them. Only less exciting. It seems like the thing that always drives this home for me is when I take off my makeup at night. I start thinking, “I put this on this morning and now I’m taking it off, but I’m only going to put it on again, and on and on.” Of course, I could sleep with it on, but it’s purely an analogy and it would be really bad for my skin.
I don’t know why this is the thing that always gets to me. Well, that and working on a monthly magazine. I love my job, but dammit if it’s not same shit, different month. Oh, it’s the first, better start laying out the articles and hounding the writers for next month’s – oh, crap, it’s the 10th already, time to start freaking out that it’s not going to get done – only it is, because it’s like Groundhog Day, only without the snow and the quirky townsfolk.
I know, it could be worse – you know the old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times (and it could be WAY worse, I could be in China right now, thank god I got out of that this year). And there’s all kinds of good stuff in my life, fun trips and weekends coming up. I’m just in a mood, goddammit, and when I get like this I just have to whine a little. So deal with it.
Two hours til I can put on my makeup again. Woo.


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