freaky Californians

So, back from three days on the central coast of California. And while I enjoyed every minute of it, the Florida girl in me is still a bit of a snob about the whole thing (our beaches ARE nicer!). And the weirdest moment was when we went to a seafood place for dinner. Yay, fresh seafood, right? And it was good – swordfish and crab, yum. So while we’re there I figure I’ll introduce Barry to oysters, as he’s never had them. We order a half dozen for $12.95 (ouch!) The waiter brings them out, all nice and pretty and sitting on ice, with cocktail sauce and horseradish. I ask for Tabasco sauce. No problem. Then I ask for crackers. He comes back with little oyster crackers. Uh – yeah. How am I supposed to put an oyster on those? I’m like – no, do you have saltines? He looks at me like I’m nuts. He says, nooooo – ummm, we have some bread? I’m like, no, crackers, to put the oysters on? Again, total blank. No, no saltines in the restaurant. WTF??? How do you serve oysters without saltines? He says, I never heard of eating oysters on crackers.
Seriously? What is WRONG with these people??? I mean, sure, you don’t HAVE to eat ’em on a cracker, but the option should be there. I thought maybe it was just the waiter, but today I asked a co-worker who’s from California about it, and he gave me the same look as the waiter.
Fucking freaks.


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