nothin’. i got nothin’.

Yeah, I know, I haven’t blogged in a while – well, since Easter, apparently. The funny thing is, it’s not because I’ve had nothing going on to blog about, but because I’ve had too much going on. I seem to do my best writing about nothing – my mind is like a Seinfeld episode. I could blog about my adventures in Florida or craziness at work – but I don’t know, the muse doesn’t seem to grip me when it comes to things like that. Instead, now that I’ve got some time to relax I can blog about stupid stuff – like, I finally unpacked my suitcase that has been sitting in the middle of my floor for a week. Or, I’m really excited because I bought Operation: Mindcrime II today, which is the sequel to probably my favorite album of all time, and so far I’m not disappointed, which is a really tricky thing with sequels. Or, I bought the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner (TM) and am very excited to test it out. In fact, the results of that test will probably make for a whole ‘nother blog.
So see, I don’t need monumental happenings in my life to blog – and in fact I sincerely hope things stay kinda dull for a little while. I’ve had about all I can take for a bit.


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