Holy crap, people. After thinking about it for years, I finally had Lasik surgery. Why did I wait so long? 29 years of (refusing to wear) glasses, 22 years of contacts. Nights driving home from smoky clubs with one dried-out contact in my hand and the other one barely still sitting in my eye. Waterskiing on Lake Toho blind as a bat, knowing if there was a gator within 6 inches of me I’d never see it. All that valuable room in my suitcases that could have held another pair of shoes instead being filled with contact solution, cases and eyeglasses. And now, less than 3 days after surgery and I still can’t comprehend that I’m seeing like this without any kind of enhancement. The day after surgery they tested me at 20/20, and it’s only supposed to improve.
Freakin’ awesome. Why didn’t I do this sooner?


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