deep, wine-induced thoughts

In the last year, through completely random circumstances, I’ve gotten back in touch with several people from my past. Some I dated, some were friends, some were friends I wanted to date. Some I can’t believe I ever lost touch with; some I can’t believe found me again. It’s a weird feeling to play catch-up with someone you haven’t seen since Reagan was in office. It’s weirder to hear what some of these people have been up to. It really makes you question the concepts of fate and karma and free will versus predetermination. Would we all be where we are now regardless of the choices we made, or would one tiny shift in action have created a whole different reality? I tend to believe things could have gone very differently had I made different decisions, but is that just a way of justifying stupid decisions? Maybe I just have a need to have no regrets, and saying I wouldn’t have wanted to end up anywhere other than where I am now is my way of doing that.
Then again, maybe I should just pour some more wine and not worry about it


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