the one that started it all

My birthday seems like a good time to start a blog.
After all, it’s yet another new beginning, right? And while I’m trying not to be traumatized over the whole “35” thing, I am still able to reflect on how great my life really is, and how I’m probably in a much better place than I ever could have hoped for.
I have great friends – everywhere. New friends, old friends, long-lost friends – the main thing that stands out in my mind today is how many great people I have in my life.
I have a job that I genuinely like, justifies the eight or so years of higher education my parents paid for, and pays me enough to support my shopping habit. I also have no responsibility to anyone but myself, which allows me to indulge my shopping habit guilt-free. So I don’t own a home. Well hell, if I owned a home I’d be responsible for upkeep and maintenance – and I don’t do upkeep and maintenance. Besides, is it ever appropriate for a certified commitment-phobe to make a 30-year commitment to anything?
In fact, the biggest complaints I can make today are that my apartment needs a good cleaning and I need to lose 10 pounds. Hell, I can live with that. Besides, if it every happened that my apartment was spotless and I didn’t feel like I needed to lose weight, I would probably have a major identity crisis and not know what to do with myself.
‘K. Enough of the deep crap. I’m gonna go try on my new clothes, drink some wine and watch the What Not To Wear marathon until dinnertime – at which point I will eat the world’s greatest $5.95 steak special, drink some more wine and celebrate the fabulousness that is my life.
Hugs and kisses to all of my wonderful friends!


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